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SouthEastern provides you with:

Regulatory Guidance. This includes local, state and federal requirements, both current and whatever's brewing in the legislature or city hall. We help you avoid legal penalties and redesign costs. We can also assist with obtaining permits and minimize construction delays.

Project Management. Providing equipment layout and ensuring that quality work is done safely are just two benefits you'll realize from our assistance with project design and coordination.

Equipment Financing. We have a variety of payment and lease options

Product/Systems Integration. There are thousands of products from many manufacturers. How do you determine what's the best fit for your needs? How do you interface this equipment from the various suppliers? What equipment interfaces with your communications and payment processing networks? We can help by assisting in the selection process.

Equipment and Parts Availability. Do you have the room to store all the parts you might need? Or the time to wait when something goes wrong? We can get you the equipment you need, fast, and have it delivered when and where you need it. We are prepared to accommodate last -minute requirements or unexpected changes in job conditions.

Factory-Authorized Technicians. We have the manufacturers' training and expertise to get you started and train your people the right way. Plus, we're going to know which software is compatible with your equipment and will eliminate unexpected surprises. SouthEastern is an authorized service contractor for Gilbarco and can provide start-up and warranty services.

Year-Round Support. We are  there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on most  petroleum handling equipment, and we keep up to date with ongoing, local training.

Project/System Maintenance. Not only do we provide warranty service, but we can also make sure you're compliant with environmental regulations. We keep your system up and running hassle-free.

Tank Cleaning and Fuel Treatment. With the widespread use of biofuels along with the introduction of  ultra-low sulfur diesel, tank operators are experiencing a rise in microbiologically induced contaminants (MIC's). Fuel analysis, cleaning and treatment are now a critical service offered by SouthEastern.

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